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Bathroom Tile Tips

Are you finding it hard to remove mineral build up on your tile walls?  Tired of scrubbing and scrubbing?  Here is a time tested formula that works.

1. Spray down walls with a calcium removal product such as Lime Away or CLR.

2. Allow to sit for several minutes or even better go do something else.

3. The best way I have found to remove this stuff is to use a razor blade, scraping the face of your tile to get off all the gunk.  The razor is held at a slant and pushed at an angle across the tile. Painters have a wide razor tool for removing paint from windows.  This tool works fantastic on tile and is cheap to purchase.

4. Once all of the stuff is off I use a hard toothbrush to remove stuff from in between the tiles. For tough grout stains I found that Lysol POWER Toilet Bowl Cleaner works really well. Apply a small amount and allow it to sit for several minutes before scrubbing. Be very careful as Lysol can remove finishes. Use with caution and sparingly.

5. Rince thoroughly with hot water.

6. How does one prevent-rapid-buildup once all of the tile is clean?  Use furniture polish on the tile walls (not on the floor), which will make the tile more slippery. Thereby helping to prevent minerals from sticking to your tile walls.  Works great.  I use Lemon Oil furniture polish on my bathroom tiles, it smells good and keeps the tile looking great.


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