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Window and Glass Cleaning

Cleaning Glass  to a Perfect Shine

This will by my last edit for this article which has been changed many times in my effort to find and use a product that will clean windows and glass with no haze left in its place. I have tried home made formulations as well as every product I could find on the market. Each one ended up less than satisfactory!

Finally I have found the formulation that works every single time.


3 ounces of clear ammonia

30 ounces of DISTILLED WATER

Distilled water has no particles and is the purest water available. For the first time ever this product works to get a perfect shine with no haze or streaks.

This formula works very well with 100% cotton bar towels available here.

Exterior Windows and Glass Doors

These get very dirty.  Clean glass with any old rag on your first run through because exterior windows/doors are always very dirty.  While glass is wet slide a razor over glass to remove paint dots and other stuff not easily removed.

In case you have not used razor blades here is some additional information.  The type of blades to use are square with one end having a folded metal edge and the other end is very sharp.

You can use these by themselves or with a tool that holds the blade.  Ignore plastic holders as they break too easily.  Instead go for a sturdy metal holder made for these blades.

Once all exterior stuff is removed lightly spray surface and wipe to a streak free finish with your cotton bar towel.  You will be amazed at how effortless this is.

On inside glass this procedure is even less work. If the first wipes do not leave a perfect shine just spray again and clean until the whole pane is spotless.

One last tip, the glass cleaner formula above actually works best with the least amount of spray. Making it an even better product than I thought.

I hope you found this article helpful.


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