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The Power of Steam

I lucked out recently and found a canister steamer at a garage sale.  It is some off brand but it came with some attachments and the price was good enough to take a chance on it.  When I got home it did not work.

A friend of mine is one of those Mr. Fix It types so I asked him to take a stab at fixing it.  He had it fixed right away and then I got to test it out.

Wow!  Steam cleaning is the best!  Better than anything anywhere.  It kills all germs and there is no need for any chemicals. When you are done cleaning you can really see the difference.

After you steam a window, when it’s done it will now repel fingerprints.  With additional attachments such as a stiff brush  you can scrub your oven easily with steam. With very little effort the grease and grime comes off.

You know the toilet seat holders that get urine stuck underneath them at the back of the seat?  Just use some steam and all of the hidden grime is flushed out from under the screws.  Mirrors and windows are squeegeed and wiped dry with a microfiber cloth and you are done!

I checked with my vacuum guy and he said the best steamer is made by Reliable. Much like it’s name their products need few repairs.

Brio Steam Cleaner by Reliable.
Brio Steam Cleaner by Reliable.

They are also one of the more affordable models with a great warranty.

Using a steamer in cleaning residential or commercial properties is considered a specialty item for people with allergies or asthma. But at the same time I have noticed people moving away from chemicals that stink, preferring more of no smell at all or natural products that has just a slight smell. the solution to this is to switch to natural products and or going with the power of steam to remove all germs!

Note: I do not make any money from this review.   Just thought you might find this information helpful.

Happy cleaning…