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We clean from the top to the bottom. In other words the ceilings, if needed, ceilings get swept to remove any dust and lurking spider webs. Air conditioning grills can become dirty and leave soot on the outside of the vents. These get wiped clean. Then onto the walls and floors. If this is done first then loose dust is removed, which means less dust in your office.                                                    

Base Boards, walls, furniture, doors are all dusted and or washed . For bathrooms a mixture of alcohol,  white distilled vinegar and distilled water is used to kill germs naturally, while leaving no smell. In toilets I use Meyer’s Tub and Tile, which is a natural product using ingredients mostly from plants. 

The most important part of cleaning is the personal touch of a person who cares.  This company is owner operated and run.  

Tools of The Trade                                                           elite-border

We use high quality vacuums that are powerful with good filtration systems.  One is specifically for flooring and the others for carpets.  We also require many hand tools to get behind furniture, etc. For large commercial spaces Pro team six, backpack is the vacuum I use. 

For floor cleaning I use either water with vinegar, or Bona depending on the type of floor. Bona is green certified and safe for specialty flooring. 

Virex-TB is a hospital approved, biodegradable product that I use for schools and medical offices.  I also used this in my home when my daughter was going through cancer treatment because it kills almost anything contagious, it does not leave a smell and is low on the toxic scale, which is very important to me.

Many cleaning products can be dangerous and leave gasses in the air.  100% of the products we use are biodegradable and non-toxic to life.  After reading the book The Hundred – Year Lie, HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE CHEMICALS THAT ARE DESTROYING YOUR HEALTH, by Randall Fitzgerald. I have made it my priority to only use plant based, natural products for my health and yours! 


Any professional will tell you that attention to details are a must for superior service.  This is especially true in cleaning.  I have had customers tell me that they have tried many cleaning services before using us.  The reason why we have happy customers is attention to all the little details that conclude with a beautiful finished product.

I do not ask for contracts, EVER, unless it is a client request.  My view is that if you are happy with my services you will not go elsewhere. 

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