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Another use for Lemons


Did you know that lemons will stop those tiny-tiny ants from coming back? Take a lemon slice and rub into the area where the ants are walking. The juices from the lemon remove the microscopic trail that each ant follows into your home or office. I read this tip many years ago and have used it with success.

Does your microwave smell? Take a small cereal bowl, fill half full with water and add lemon slices. Place inside microwave and press timer for four minutes. Inside the water will boil and create a lemony smelling steam. Wipe clean and you are now the proud owner of a clean, lemon smelling microwave.

Lemon juice can be used to bring back white color to your whites. Along with bleach I have used a teaspoon of lemon juice to help whiten a load of wash. Another use is to rub lemon directly onto stains on white clothing, then launder as usual.

Shine up chrome with half a lemon sprinkled with salt and scrub. Brings out a beautiful shine.

Freshen office refrigerators by placing half a lemon on a saucer and change weekly. Lemons and cloves smell wonderful together. Here is a very cheap and attractive air freshener for any indoor space. You will need three (or one lemon, whichever you prefer) whole lemons and a container of whole cloves. Take the cloves and poke them into the lemon. Use a lot of cloves. By the time you are done your lemon will look like a pin cushion. Use these in a decorative dish and place into any area of your home or office. The smell is wonderful and will last several days.



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