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How to Purchase a Vacuum

I have been asked for advice on how to purchase a vacuum so I went to my local specialist who sells and services vacuums locally. He has been in this business for thirty years!

His first recommendation is Riccar and also the old Electrolux canister models that are metal. These are good vacuums made with very sturdy, replaceable parts.

Recommended List of What to Look for in a Vacuum

* Good wheels. How do they feel going over different type of surfaces? Is it very noisy or quiet? These all need to be considered. Ask the sales person how to lubricate the wheels as squeaky wheels is a common problem as you can see here.

* Solid body preferably metal. Avoid thin, cheap plastic especially if the vacuum is completely made of plastic, it is junk and will fall apart. Some people spend $600 or more on these types of products and they always have to be repaired. Heavier plastic is okay.

* When you turn it on, the motor runs smoothly. No grinding, noisy sounds.

* If it has a beater brush the bristles should be firm to the touch and upright.  If they bend or are softer, don’t buy it.

* Canister types should follow you easily and turn corners well.  Test it out before purchasing. When turning it on, hold your hand in front of the hose to feel air pressure. If it is not strong do not purchase.

* Are tools easily accessible and easy to change?

* Never buy bagless vacuums as they are a mess to dump.  Bags are cleaner, and easier.  Plus you do not want to be washing out another thing!  Some commercial installations require HEPA bags from their cleaning services. Does your prospective vacuum offer HEPA filtration bags?

* Are you cleaning commercial or residential? This makes a huge difference when purchasing a vacuum. For larger commercial jobs Pro Team is considered the best product in the industry.

Do your own research and you will see that this subject can be a source of information overload, making it very difficult to make the right decision. If at all possible find a vacuum store that is a small business carrying many different models and your go-to place for maintenance service and repairs. You also need objective advice and information in order to make the right decision.

Once you have found a model of vacuum that you like, go to the Amazon and look up the vacuum so that you can read the many reviews. This is an invaluable tool to find out all the pros and cons from people who purchased and are using the vacuum you are interested in. No other action will provide more information that those written reviews provide.

Good luck, take your time as this is one tool you will be using all the time whether you clean commercially or residentially.

With some time invested in research you will end up with a product that serves you well!





  1. Great advice! This kind of attention to detail is something everyone should try to adopt when purchasing something that is going to be used a lot or is going to be around for a long time. These tips are helpful for other products aside from vacuums.

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